Twin Peaks

No Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Black Lodge or Donna Hayward. No midnight trysts over the border at One Eyed Jacks. Instead, itinerant fuzzy rock & roll from a bunch of young Turks who call Chicago home.

After playing in various bands throughout their teenage years, Twin Peaks - Cadien, Clay, Connor, and Jack - self-released their self-recorded album, and completed a 3 week self-booked tour in the Summer of '12. Since then, the industrious lads attended college for a semester, promptly dropped out, played SXSW, and are slated to re-release their Sunken debut via Aquarium Drunkard's Autumn Tone Records this June.  Sunken rolls catchy hooks, chorused guitars, chugging rhythms, and blasts of pure rock & roll snarl into one super-tight album. While there is no shortage of sophistication in their arrangements, Twin Peaks' songs eschew the bullshit and stay true to their youthful reality -- pretty girls, smoking & drinking in the park, wilding around the streets of Chicago. Unapologetic. Honest. Fresh out of the garage.

Twin Peaks - Sunken. Coming Summer 2013.