Dirty Gold

Dirty Gold is Lincoln and John Ballif & Grant Nassif. Their music is inspired by the sounds of the 50‘s/60’s, eclectic global finds, and drippy guitar lines. Lincoln handles the vocals and lead guitar, John is the keyboardist/rhythm guitarist, and Grant is the drummer. The band started during the summer of 2010, but did not officially form until Grant joined in November. Dirty Gold signed to Autumn Tone Records in December, 2010, and has since been working on their upcoming EP.

A product of the 21st century, the nascent group quickly gained recognition through various viral outlets, most importantly, online. Throughout the months following the first releases of the demos “California Sunrise” and “Overboard,” hype for the relatively unknown band grew steadily. Reaching the number two spot on hype machine and permeating the blogosphere, the band developed an international, online fan-base