For Cheap or For Free

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For Cheap or For Free is a family affair. Recorded at different studios in LA with the help of Joe Napolitano (Le Switch), Dave Newton (The Little Ones, The Movies), Raymond Richards (Broken West, The Weather Underground) and Wendy Wang (The Sweet Hurt, Correatown) it also feature's guests from local bands Le Switch, The Sweet Hurt, I Make This Sound and Idaho Falls. The songs on the album feature bright telecasters, honky-tonk piano, Heartbreakers worthy drumming and the occasional pedal steel. As a twenty something himself, Joey Siara's lyrics deal with the issues one would expect; growing up, being broke, being in love, caring about the future but also trying to resist it. "Working Part Time" is an ode to merely getting by, the beauty in the little things, as he sings, "I was broke but still alive, yeah, I was fine." In "This Ain't A Scene" he talks about not settling down until he's seen everything and on "Fine Print" touches on faith and feeling lost, "we got caught believing, we were tired of leaving our futures up to fate." Green chimes in too on his tune "Bull Through" as he sings, "We were doing nothing but paying our rent." Straight for the throat rockers and anthems mesh well with country ballads and ramshackle living room numbers. The Henry Clay People have delivered a vital album full of celebratory rock and roll for an audience that is desperate for just that.